If your business is among the most advanced construction companies, which are looking for ways to improve efficiency, speed up projects, streamline scheduling and communication, - then you need IDSYSEG software solution.

We have a huge portfolio of apps, which were created for construction corporations and supplemental industries, like transport, logistics, and ecommerce. Based on this background, we can provide valuable support to streamline your company’s work by implementing these modern technologies and automation procedures into the daily routine of your company by equipping staff, clients and partners with powerful tools for communication, management and decision making Construction companies and contractors have gone through difficult times. Consequently, they had hardly any budget for innovation. As a result, planning and scheduling by means of Excel, construction drawings and delivery-/checklists on paper is still being used on a large scale in the workplace. But with today’s market conditions, combined with a rapidly changing pool of staff and subcontractors, a clear and up-to-date overview, sharp planning and the right management tools, are the key drivers for success. Innovative mobile solutions like Apps can make the real difference here. An App platform with the right combination of Apps and functionalities significantly speeds up the workplace processes, enables a complete clear overview and, most importantly, lowers the costs.
With a IDSYSEG app, your business doesn’t stop when the office closes. Make your data available to potential customers anytime and anywhere. Allow realtors and brokers to update information in real-time to give you and your customers the latest information on any property.

App development offers the following advantages:
  • Considerable time saving and productivity improvement.
  • Project based order and appointment tuning, including sub-contractors.
  • Complete notification system including complaints handling.
  • Create your calculations and quotes on the spot and in the field that connect directly with your planning.
  • Quality measurement, safety inspections and completions overview[/block].