ERP Core.

We implement finance software solutions that help companies achieve extraordinary results. With our help you can build and maintain effective cloud computing infrastructures. You can use AI and Big Data to provide your customers with the best experience. And you can automate expensive back-office operations.

• Ensure full security and compliance • Automate your business processes with AI to optimize costs and time • Enable high speed processing of data, get insights and scale up fast • React to market conditions and manage risks in a timely manner • Build new tools that make an impact on the finance industry High-Security System Development • Keeping financial information secure is crucial. At IDSYSEG we work with you to develop a single, integrated information system managing all transactions at the highest level of security. • Financial Service Quality Assurance and Testing • IDSYSEG provides distinct financial software quality assurance and testing services. We enable you to test your application using both manual and automated test practices. Ensure your software performs to your specifications on multiple devices and under different circumstances.

We offer to digitize your construction business. Our developers build the smartest applications possible in accordance with your needs. Track time, keep records, charts, and schedule project in one place.

Construction Management.

Project Management We use best practices to create project management solutions for the construction industry. Coordinate projects, plan, track time and resources, manage diverse teams with custom-designed solutions from IDSYSEG Business Process Management We build sophisticated BPM systems that help companies manage all business process and adapt them to changes. Warehouse Management Benefit from getting a custom-designed solution for managing warehouse resources and materials in the most efficient way. Job Costing/Estimation The construction industry is rather complicated. It requires complex calculations and estimations of time, cost, and efforts. We do create such solutions that can do those things in one place. Budgeting Module We develop any additional modules our customers require. Budget planning module is one of the most important things a construction company should have for accurate calculations.

  • Finance & Accounting.
  • Human Resource.
  • Inventory.
  • Sales & Marketing.
  • Purchase.
  • Customer Relationship Management(CRM).
  • Engineering/ Production.
  • Supply Chain Management (SCM).